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● July 20, 2005  Establish
October 9, 2020  IPO Listing

Zhongzhi Group (referred to as Guangdong Zhongzhi Test Instruments Co., Ltd.) was established in 2005, which is a leading analog environment and reliability test equipment overall solution provider. After about twenty years of cultivation, Zhongzhi has became an analog environment and reliability test equipment segment industry leader. Our products are widely used in aerospace, semiconductor chip, new energy, automobile, 5G communication, optoelectronic products, plastic products and other industries and third-party quality inspection agencies, key college research laboratories.

Guangdong Zhongzhi Test Instruments Co., Ltd.

Company Strength

We have refrigeration, electric control, and structural design three core systems in simulation environment and reliability test equipment , independent intellectual property rights, and obtain 40+ patented technology, efficiently assist customer product development, and continue to create new value for customers.

We have a senior multinational management talent team, high-quality product philosophy, adhering to the business philosophy of "research and development as the lead, market-oriented, high-efficiency operation", has formed Dongguan as Headquarters R & D Center, Japan and Shenzhen R & D branches, Jiangxi, Southeast Asia as production bases, US, Shenzhen, Wuhan for technical support branch, forming a global industrial layout integrating research, production and sales.

  • R & D capabilities

  • R & D capabilities

  • R & D capabilities

  • R & D capabilities

R & D capabilities

With superior innovative R & D capabilities, efficient operation capabilities have won the trust and cooperation of mainstream customers in the world. Currently, we have 150+ home-stable customer bases, 30,000 + customer case support in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. Main products are High Low Temperature Chamber, Climate Chamber, Thermal Shock Chamber, Rapid Temperature Change Chamber, Drying Oven, Temperature Vacuum Chamber Climate Vibration Chamber, Walk In Chamber etc, , meets with IEC, DIN,







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  • Jiangxi Factory

    Jiangxi Factory

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    Jiangsu Factory

  • Japanese Factory

    Japanese Factory

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Subsidiary Introduce

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