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AGREE Chamber

Used with appropriate vibration test bench to meet respective integrated environmental test requirements of temperature, humidity and vibration




Used with appropriate vibration test bench to meet respective integrated environmental test requirements of temperature, humidity and vibration; extensively applied in many a field including aviation and aerospace, shipping, electronics and telecommunications.


A combined structure of test chamber and refrigerating system boasting compact and beautiful design; independent console to make it convenient for operation; original refrigerating compressor unit and its main accessories imported from abroad; imported LCD color touch screen controller capable of automatic control of temperature and humidity programs; and R232 telecommunication interface available.

To meet their unique demands, users may choose from different models of vibration test bench to ensure that, in addition to good cool, heat and air seal system, this vibration bench will also boasts remarkable effect of mechanical vibration.

Core Parameters

AGREE Chamber Technical parameter
Internal Dimension                       WxHxD(mm)600x850x800800x950x8001000x1000x8001000x1000x1000
External Dimension                      WxHxD(mm)1100x1710x13701300x1810x13701500x1860x13701500x1860x1570
Temperature Range-70℃~+100℃(150℃)(D:-40℃G:-70℃)
Humidity Range20%~98%R.H.(10%-98%R.H/5%~98%R.H as special seleition condition)
Analytic Accuracy/Evenness Degree of
Temperature and Humidity
0.01℃; 0.1%R.H./±1.0℃; ±3.0%R.H.
Control Accuracy/Temperature Stabicity of
Temperature and Humidity
±1.0℃; ±2.0%R.H./±0.5℃; ±2.0%R.H.
Heating/Cooling RateApproximately 3.0C/minute; approximately1.0C/minute ("2℃~15℃decrease per minute'"is a special optional condition)
Inner and Outer MaterialsOuter plate is sus 304#stainless steel with matte treatment
Insulation MaterialHigh temperature resistant high density polyurethane rigid foam insulation materials.
Cooling SystemAir cooling /single segment compressor(-20C), air water cooling/double segment compressor
Protection DevicesFuse-free switch, overloading protection switch for compressor, high and low voltage coolant protection switch, over-humidity and over-temperature protection switch, fuses, failure warning system
PatsRecorder(optional), watching window, 50mm testing hole, PL internal bulbs, partition plate, dry and wet ball gauze
Controller"TEMI"South Korea"TEMI"

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