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Altitude Chamber

Environmental adaptability and reliability test for the instruments and meters, electrical products, materials, spare parts, equipments



Environmental adaptability and reliability test for the instruments and meters, electrical products, materials, spare parts, equipments, etc at a low pressure, high temperature, low temperature, under the effect of single factor or multiple factors at the same time. Test for electric performance parameters of the specimen. Mainly used in aviation, aerospace, information, electronics and other industries.

Core Parameters

Altitude Chamber Technical parameter
Workshop Volume(L)50410005041000
Internal Dimensions(mm)700x900x8001000x1000x1000700x900x8001000x1000x1000
PowerAC380V/50Hz Three-phase five-wire system
Temperature Adjustment MethodBalance thermostat control system(BTC system)
Working Condition Temperature+5℃~+35℃
Temperature Range-40℃~+150℃-70℃~+150℃
Degree of Temperature Fluctuation±0.5℃
Temperature UnifTemperature≤2.0℃(Atmospheric pressure and no load)
Temperature Deviation≥100℃, ±3.0℃(Atmospheric pressure and no load), <100℃, ±2.0℃
Heating/. Cooling Rate0. 7℃-1. 0℃/min(Average at a whole)
Pressure RangeAtmospheric pressure~-1kpa
Pressure Deviation≥40kpa, ±2kpa; 4kpa~40kpa, ±0.5kpa; ≤4kpa, ±0.1kpa
Falling Pressure Rate10kpa/Min(adjustable)
Outer MaterialCold rolled stainless steel sheet(spray coated)
Inner Material(SUS304)/Stainless steel plate(SUS304)
Pressure Bearing MaterialQuality thick stainless steel plate(spray coated)
Insulation MaterialQuality glass wool
RefrigeratorSemi-hermetic compressor
Cooling MethodWater-cooled
Vacuumize MethodMechanical sliding vane rotary vacuum pump
HeaterQuality nickel chrom heater
BlowerAxial-flow fan
View WindowRound fuser film plated observation insulated glass window
Temperature SensorPt100 sheathed platinum resistance
ControllerTouch-screen PLC controller
Safety DeviceSafequard of ultra temperature. safequard of fuel lean, excessive pressure, circuit break and overload for compressor. Overload
blower safeguard, circuit wanting-phase protection, leakage protection, water level switch and vacuum pump fault alarm
Standard ConfigurationObservation window, cable hole (80, one located on the left), sheif, shelving stand(2 sets), in-box ESL and time integrator
Optional AccessoriesRemote monitoring computers and software, RS485 communication interface. Recording meter, printer and added shelves.
Special specimen holder
*The indicators are measured at room temperature25°C under no load condition.

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