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Our Advantage

Our Advantage

Operation Strength Operation Strength

IPO listing contract company, resource aggregation, management team professionalism, perfect system , global layout, business continuity is guaranteed

Large-scale Manufacturing Large-scale Manufacturing

Guangdong, Jiangxi large-scale manufacturing base, with advanced ERP / MES / PLM system throughout the production process, flexible production line to adapt to large quantities of multi-variety test equipment production delivery, obey lean production, continuous improvement to reduce production costs, save costs for customers

R&D Innovation R&D Innovation

8% of the annual sales income as R & D investment, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Japan multi-land research and development center, gather at home and abroad, structural, mechanical, frozen, electric control and other professional teams

Quality Assurance Quality Assurance

The quality assurance system is perfect, and the analysis test is complete. Follow international standards and industry standards, complete enterprise standards, strong equipment manufacturing capacity and engineering capabilities, test equipment performance stable, energy saving, intelligent control, high reliability

Technical Leader Technical Leader

With multiple core technology platforms, 40 + patented technology, process precipitation is deep. Product line covers more environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, salt fog, rain, low pressure, can provide customers with a variety of vertical integration integration solutions for customers

Customer Service Customer Service

15 years of service international mainstream customer group, more than 40 countries and regions have 150+ home-stable customer groups, 30,000 + customer case support, actively participate in the front-end research and development of customers, deeply understand customer pain points and demand, and help customers product research and development.

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