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Quality Management

In the fierce competition of modern society, product quality is an important factor to ensure the survival and development of an enterprise. Since its establishment, Zhongzhi has strictly controlled the product quality and formulated a strict quality testing system in all links of production to ensure that our products meet or exceed the requirements of customers and achieve zero defects in the delivery of products.

We have passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification and ISO 14001:2004 environmental system certification, and carry out product testing in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the quality management system. The quality inspection department of the company is equipped with 20 quality inspectors, including inspectors, sequence inspectors and final inspectors to check the products at all levels. 38 product testing procedures have been established, which can carry out professional and all-round testing of products, increase investment in testing equipment, introduce foreign advanced equipment, and establish a strong testing team to provide strong support for each testing. At the same time, producers use special measuring tools for self inspection, and a strong quality inspection system has become a strong guarantee for the high-quality products and market competitiveness of Zhongzhi.

Quality Inspection Capacity

Test Equipment:

Test Equipment

Test Equipment

Test Equipment

Test Equipment

Test Equipment

Test Equipment

White light interferometer

Image measuring instrument

X-ray fluorescence tester (RoHS tester)

Secondary element measuring instrument


Concentricity tester

Non contact laser caliper

Micrometer, height gauge, microscope

Image size measuring instrument

Quality Control and Tracking

OA office automation

ERP enterprise resource planning system

MES Manufacturing Execution System

PLM product life cycle manage

Our quality management runs through the whole process from the supplier's incoming materials to the delivery of finished products:

Incoming materials – non acceptance of defective products:

IQC shall carry out incoming inspection according to incoming inspection management procedures and incoming inspection standards to prevent the inflow of defective products;

Process - no defective products:

IPQC shall carry out first article, process and last article inspection according to IPQC patrol inspection specification and product patrol inspection table to avoid defective products

Shipment - no outflow of defective products:

FQC shall carry out FQC delivery inspection according to FQC operation specifications and finished product inspection standards to prevent defective products from flowing out

Continuous improvement:

For key performance indicators, SPC control chart is used for monitoring to ensure the stability and control of the process; For defects and abnormalities, seven QC methods are used for statistical analysis, follow up the 8D Reply of the responsible department, follow up the implementation of improvement measures, confirm the improvement effect and standardization of improvement measures until the case is closed, and promote the continuous improvement and improvement of quality.

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