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R&D and Manufacture

Senior Team

Senior Team

Zhongzhi company brings together an international senior talent team for simulation environment test, and establishes a common technology R & D platform with many customers in Europe, America and Japan. Continuously develop new products and applications. Deep understanding of product application, innovation and change, sufficient R & D investment, continuous improvement of technology and process, and great engineering ability of products.

Core Technology Platform

Core Technology Platform

Simulation environment and reliability test chamber, refrigeration, temperature control, structure three major independent intellectual property system, 40 + Chinese government authorized technical patents

Automatic Development

Automatic Development

Based on customer needs and manufacturing characteristics, it has an automation development department to develop and manufacture automatic production lines and automatic production and testing equipment, and has the ability to continuously optimize production efficiency and cost

Research and Development

Research and Development

01 FEA-Structural

02 Components and assembly 3D/2D data

03 Prototype

04 Test and validation

05 Manufacturing engineering

06 Poka-yoke for wrong assembly.

07 Preventive predictive maintenance for smooth production.

08 Continuous improvement for cost down.

09 Synchronized design with customer

10 ODM, OEM customized design capacity in providing auxiliary items

R & D System

R & D System

The technology R & D team is mainly responsible for basic technology research, process innovation and internal technical standards; The structural design team is mainly responsible for the realization of process equipment, mechanical design according to the process requirements, completion of new product sample trial production, and continuous improvement of equipment; The product development team is responsible for the development and design of new products, and carries out continuous development and design of the product series of the test box according to the test standards of sheet metal, refrigeration, electric control and simulated environment, and customer customization requirements.

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