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Customer-centric, continue to create value for customers

Customer-centric, continue to create value for customers

Reach our customers’ demand is our mission

1 Service Consultation

With superior innovative R & D capabilities, efficient operation capabilities have won the trust and cooperation of mainstream customers in the world.

Service Consultation

Customer's business is our business!

We regard our customers as our closest partners.

We promise to provide the best quality products with the most professional team and the fastest speed.

Trust, responsibility and considerate care are the basis for maintaining each other.

We always know the needs of customers and the development of the industry,

Use continuous innovation to help customers reduce costs, improve efficiency and obtain the most satisfactory return.

2 Support Center

Through the service hotline, customer service center, technical support center and globally distributed service outlets, we cooperate with the comprehensive quality system to provide professional support for customers, ensure the efficient operation of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, synchronously improve customer service quality and create cost value for customers!


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Technical support

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3 Service witness

Pre sales: professional technical consultation, product test scheme proposal, test box installation and construction scheme, etc;

During sales: customer communication, progress notification, relevant guidance, installation, commissioning, commissioning, etc., and cooperate with customers in measurement;

After sales: according to the contract requirements, on-site training can be conducted when installing and commissioning equipment for users and putting it into use;

Service witness

4 Service System

Based on the advanced technology system and innovative business philosophy, we are committed to providing customers with all-round service content and intimate service mode to solve the problems you encounter in purchase, use, maintenance and other aspects

5 Customer representative

It is the contact person for customers to use Zhongzhi testing instruments. It is responsible for providing users with all-round services such as material selection consultation, ordering, logistics tracking, loan settlement, quality objection handling, use technology knowledge, information communication and so on.

6 Product Engineer

Senior engineers from Zhongzhi manufacturing department provide customers with technical services for the production and use of various products, carry out personalized design according to customers' special needs, solve technical problems with customer representatives, and provide on-site services when necessary.

7 Technical expert and chief engineer

Professional technical experts and chief engineers from Zhongzhi technology department and manufacturing department develop new products according to the needs of customers and the market.

8 Production, marketing and research integration group

The R & D and manufacturing teams of Zhongzhi will improve the competitiveness of products in the market by means of professional R & D and manufacturing

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