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5G Communication

5G environment reliability test explain

5G Communication

5G Communication

5G communication facility in most parts of exposure and suffer from high temperature , frozen, rain, corrosion etc, must pass before put into use in environment and reliability test, test its environmental adaptability and reliability, is back in the prequel and hosting facilities, for example, optical communication systems, devices and module chip is widely deployed in outdoor base station connected, In order to ensure its environmental adaptability, the optical device module and chip must complete strict environmental reliability test before leaving the factory, to ensure that it will not catalyze, qualitative change.

Test Object and Test Items

Optical Fiber

Optical Fiber

Pressure reliability without electricity (storage/transport);

A, high/low temperature storage test: optical fiber storage environment varies widely, may be placed in the northeast, dozens of degrees below zero, may also be shipped to the Middle East, the environmental temperature of more than 50 degrees, even to more than 70 degrees in the car, so before shipment, it is necessary to verify whether the device can resist these extreme temperatures;

B. High and low temperature cycle: the thermal expansion coefficient of the optical fiber is closely related to the reliability of the optical fiber. Only under the drastic temperature change, can the failure risk of different materials be tested. The temperature cycle rises and drops at 10 ° C /min, and stays at 85 ° C and -40 ° C for long enough for the optical fiber to reach the ambient temperature;

C. Damp-heat test: the damp-heat test is not necessarily 85℃/85%RH, but can also be a combination of other temperatures and humidity (75℃/90%RH). The damp-heat test can test the airtight characteristics of the fiber, ensure that the fiber material does not crack or damage, and ensure good conduction performance;

With electricity (working state) reliability;

High temperature reliability: For outdoor applications, the temperature is set at 85 ° C, for indoor applications, the temperature is set at 70 ° C, operating at maximum current or maximum power, testing the reliability of fiber accelerated failure products;

Reliability of periodic humidity resistance: the reliability of optical fiber under the condition of humidity and temperature changing simultaneously may produce the reliability of water vapor condensation or frost;

Damp-heat reliability: optical fiber, 85℃/85%RH, product reliability for 1000 hours or 2000 hours;



High temperature work, low temperature work, high temperature storage, low temperature storage, alternating damp heat storage, temperature shock, salt spray test, IP protection level measurement etc;

Electrical Electronic Product Environment Test Part 2: Test Method Test A: Low Temperature GB / T 2423.1-2008, IEC 60068-2-1: 2007;

Electronic Electronic Product Environment Test Part 2: Test Method Test B: High Temperature GB / T 2423.2-2008, IEC 60068-2-2: 2007;

Electrical electronic product environmental test Part 2 Test Method Trial DB: Intersection Wet heat (12H + 12H cycle) GB / T2423.4-2008, IEC 60068-2-30: 2005;

Electrical Electronic Product Environment Test Part 2: Test Method Test Ea and Guide: Shock GB / T 2423.5-1995, IEC 60068-2-27: 1987;

Environmental testing Part 2: Test methods Test KB: Salt fog, alternation (sodium chloride solution) GB / T 2423.18-2012, IEC 60068-2-52: 1996;

Shell Protective Level IP Code GB4208-2017 Waterproof performance classification system requirements for electrical equipment housing;



EIA-364-32 Thermal Shock Test: evaluation the effect of connectors under the variable variation of rapidity

EIA-364-31 Temperature and Humidity Combination Cycle Test: evaluation of connectors on connector performance after solid survival

EIA-364-17 High Temperature Test: evaluation whether the connector is exposed to the high temperature environment in the predetermined time of the terminal and the insulator performance change

EIA-364-26 Salt Spray Test: evaluation of connectors, terminals, coated salt-tolerant fog corrosion capacity



Low temperature test, high temperature test, damp heat test, low pressure test,temperature shock test, salt spray test etc

Base Station

Base Station

Low temperature test, high temperature test, damp heat test, low pressure test,temperature shock test, salt spray test etc

Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone

Low temperature storage test;

High temperature storage test;

High temperature high humidity storage;

Low temperature work;

High temperature work;

Constant damp heat work;

Salt spray test;






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