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Walk In Chamber

Walk in chamber is made up of control panel, switchboard, insulation storehouse board, forced draught blower, heater, humidifier, refrigerator.



Walk in chamber is made up of control panel, switchboard, insulation storehouse board, forced draught blower, heater, humidifier, refrigerator.

Offer large-scale part, semi-manufactured goods, finished product, temp &humidity environment test for the manufactory, for instance; computer teminal machine, automobile part.


The appearance can use different colors or all stainless steel according to the interior design, the interior is made of SUS304#stainless steel.

Rectangular multi-layer glass view window is used to observe the test products in the testing.The window with anti-sweat electric heater device can prevent condensation water droplets.

Indoor installs explosion-proof light which can let people clearly observe product test condition, and it is safe to use because of the installation of non-slip aluminum plate at the bottom of the laboratory.

The door' s double insulated seal strip can effectively isolate internal temperature leakage.

The pure water filter unit directly filters tap water; it is easy to use and doesn' t need to add water manually.

Refrigeration and dehumidification system uses imported brand compressor, with the advantages of energy saving, low noise, low energy consumption, and stable performance, and uses environmental protection refrigerant(R23, R404a).

Controller adopts imported LCD display screen, can simultaneously display measured value and the set value, time, etc.

Controller hasmulti-segment program, so editing and temperature and humidity can quickly and sloped control.

The TEMI 2700 Table 7.5-inch TFT LCD display with RS-232/RS-485 communication interface, 2GB standard SD memory card can connect to Ethernet; the TEMI 880Table 5.7-inch color display with RS-232/RS-485 communication interface(select optionally under the request).

The bottom of the machine uses the channel to weld into a mesh structure in order to increase the load-bearing, it will never deform; the bottom of the unitary testing chamber installs mobile casters and positioning goblet; the channel at the bottom of compositional testing chamber

Core Parameters

Walk In Chamber
Inner Dimension WxHxD(mm)1500x1800x15002000x2000x20002500x2200x20003000x2000x25004000x2000x25004000x2500x25004000x2500x30005000x2500x3200
Outer Dimension WxHxD(mm)2500x2100x17003100x2300x22603600x2300x22604100x2300x27605100x2300x27605100x2800x27605100x2800x35006100x2800x3500
Temperature Range-70℃~+80℃(A1Above 80℃ is customized)(D:-40℃ G:-70℃)
Humidity Range20%~95%R.H.(10%-98%R.H/5%~98%R.H is special customized )
Temperature Humidity Resolution/Uniformity0.01℃; 0.1%R.H./±1.0℃; ±3.0%R.H.
Temperature Humidity Control Accuracy/Fluctuation±1.0℃; ±2.0%R.H./±0.5℃; ±2.0%R.H.
Heating/Cooling RateHeating rate is 3.0℃/min, cooling rate is 1.0℃/min(2℃~15℃/min is special customized)
Inner/Outer MaterialInner material is SUS304# stainless steel, Outer material is cold-rolled steel plate with paint treatment
Insulation MaterialHigh temperature resistant high-density polyester amine hard foam insulator material
Cooling SystemLess than 10 cubic meters can choose air cooling or water cooling, more than 10 cubic meter is all water cooling
Protection DeviceCompressor overload protection switch, Refrigerant high low pressure protection switch, Over temperature protection switch, Fuse, Fault warning system
Spare PartsView Window, Test Hole, Shelf, Gauze
ControllerKorea Samwon or Other Brand
CompressorFrance Tecumseh or Germany Bitzer
MarkLess than 10 cubic meter can choose whole structure type or assemble plate structure, more than 10 cubic meter is all assemble plate structure

Product meets test conditions and implementation standards

1. GJB150.5A-2009 Temperature shock test

2. GB/2423.22-2012/IEC 60068-2-14: 2009 Temperature shock test

3. GB/T 2424.13-2002 / IEC 60068-2-33: 1971 Electronic product environmental test Part 2: Test method Temperature change test guide

4. GJB360B-2009 Temperature shock test

(IEC6008-2-1-2007 Electrical electronics environmental test Part 2: Test method test A: low temperature

5. GB/T 2423.2-2008 / IEC60068-2-2-2008 / IEC60068-2-2-2: 2007 Electrical Electronic Product Environment Test Part 2: Test Method Test B: High Temperature

6. GB/T 10589-2008 Low Temperature Test Chamber Technical Conditions

7. GB/T 11158-2008 High temperature test chamber technical conditions

8. MIL-STD-883, JIS C 60068-2-14, JASO-D001, AEC-Q101 Temperature cycle test;

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