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Plastic Products

Description of simulated environment and reliability test of plastic products

Plastic Products

Plastic Products

Plastic is the largest and most widely used production raw material in the world. Plastic hardware, plastic electronics and other plastic products made of plastic cover our work, study and life, ranging from plastic toys and household appliances to building materials, spaceship accessories and so on. Every plastic product from the production line to our life will do many reliability tests. There are many kinds of plastics, such as PP, PE, pet, PC, PC + ABS, ABS, etc. different plastics have different characteristics. Therefore, products made of different plastics may undergo reliability tests of different types or under different conditions of the same kind.

Test Object and Test Items

High temperature test;

Low temperature test;

High and low temperature cycle test;

Climate test;

Cold and hot shock test;

Rapid temperature change climate test;

Comprehensive temperature/humidity/vibration test;

Salt spray test;

UV test;


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